Drinking Perfume

The story of a fish and a chief. (AKA: I have terrible summary abilities.) Updates: TBD.

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When a chapter is complete, the updates are weekly until that chapter's conclusion. Hiatuses, more likely than naught, between chapters. Currently: Making buffer for chapter one.

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This is not the updating schedule you're looking for

Twenty points to anyone who get's the reference. ;D

ANYWAY! Ignore the page of info already up. As of this moment, I don't intend to start on this project until either 'Shall We Dance?' or Doppelganger ends. To my knowledge, that means it'll be a while. xD I may post some pictures for this every now and again, but for comic pages, it'll be a while. My other comic projects are of high priority as of the moment. Just figured I'd let anyone who intends to +fav this, it'll be a while

If it comes as any consolation, I intend for this to be an inked, black and white comic. It'll be of a different style than any of the projects I'm currently working on. :3

Posted by: lalaland at February 15th, 2011, 11:42 am. Comments (0)

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